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Resistone: The Evolution of Microcement with High Performance

cemento pulido Resistone Madrid

The specialization in the manufacture and application of polished cement together with the investment in Research and Development of new materials, has allowed us to create Resistone®. A microcement with values ​​of resistance to compression and water superior to those of any other type of microcement. 

Available in different versions Super Resistance, Waterproof Mass and Ready to Use.

Microcement COLORS

Microcemento/Cemento Pulido Colores

Natural colors, elegant, earthy, sandy or bright effects and with more or less marked waters … the options are endless.

You can choose between any color of our color chart or make customized blends. Impossible not to create unique and personalized environments.

Recommendations for choosing microcement color.

The Light

Walls usually receive less artificial light than the floor, so we must bear in mind that the same color will appear darker on walls than on floors.

WHITE Microcement

We will use it to give greater luminosity and amplitude. Ideal for small stays.

OXIDE Microcement

It will bring authenticity and personality to that element that we want to highlight our decoration.

GRAY Microcement

It is the best-seller color in its entire range. Pearl, silver, stone, cement, steel, iron or slate. Recall that gray microcement sticks with everything.

The colors of the rest of the elements

Looking for contrast or within the same range of colors with furniture and architectural pieces.

EARTH TONES Microcement

Very chosen in rustic environments. Applied in floors, it soils dirt.

METAL EFFECT Microcement

The preferred one in industrial and vintage decoration styles.

Combine it with NATURAL elements

Like wood, natural fibers, jute, wicker or plants to bring more warmth to the rooms.

Colores de Microcemento Resistone
Resistone Microcement Color Chart

* Microcement colors shown are approximate. Variables such as the configuration of the screen, and the process of artisanal application, setting conditions, layer thickness, absorption of the base, etc … can cause variations with the final color.

Microcement Textures

texturas de microcemento

Depending on the size of the chosen grain and the type of surface we want to cover with Microcement we can provide more or less rough finish:

Where to apply Microcement


It allows to have a washable wall, that does not stain. The recommended texture is FINE

Microcement Pools

RESISTONE AQUA POOL is waterproof, non-slip and resistant to chlorine and ultraviolet sun rays.

The recommended texture is GROUND.


We will get continuous floors throughout all the rooms.

Here we can choose both FINE and GROUND texture.

Microcement Bathrooms

Ideal for application on floors, walls, washbasins, showers and bathtubs.

Here we can choose both FINE and GROUND texture.


RESISTONE FACHADE is the specific version for facades with fewer layers and lower water absorption.

Provides greater durability and resistance to shock, insolation or frost. The texture will be GROUND


In a kitchen we can find in walls, floors, or even microcement countertops.

The FINE texture is the most suitable for cleaning these surfaces.


The AQUA FLOOR version of Resistone with anti-slip treatment is specially designed for outdoor flooring. The texture is GROUND.


It allows continuity, without joints, or ruptures with the rest of Microcemento floors. The texture can be either FINE or GROUND.

Microcemento Resistone acabados
Resistone Microcement Finishes

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