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Our Mission

Supply our clients with the best performance and reliable solutions for decorative continuous floring.

I + D

A continuous investing in product research and development


Application knowledge and clients needs listening


Offering complete and open advising

Our History

In 2008 we were specialized in microcement application, and we couldn´t find in the market suply of the products needed to install a good performance microcement style continuous Flooring and Wall coating.

Combining products from different supplyers did not improve the situation.

So we started a Research and Development process to get a system that Works for the application needs. A Deep knowledge of the needs of the aplicator and the final client allowed us to require the best performance.

We counted with  the colaboration of a wide team of construccion, coatings and chemistry specialist.

The R&D effort has and is been intense, continuous and long.

This has led us to manufacture which are recognized as best performance systems for continuous microcement style coatings.

We sell Resistone in more than 20 countries arround the world where we have a growing network of partners and distributors.