Dedication to research and development of materials, and the experience in the application, allows us to develop, manufacture and distribute products with the best parameters in terms of:

Reliability and performance

Resistance to cracking, resistance to compression and scratchproof, waterproof. Not comparable to any other product in the market
Natural and highly decorative appearance

Ease of application

Products with high workability
Products ready to use (Resistone), open and apply
Practical training and honest advice
We train and advise our applicators to maximize the quality of the applications, and prevent most of the problems that can arise in the job, such as transfer of movements at the base to the lining, waterproofness, decorative and aesthetic aspects…
With your first order you will receive the STN application Manual. A detailed manual, with a practical approach, to adapt to different circumstances.
You have also the posibility to assist to training courses in which the technique is exposed, demonstrated and practiced.
We put at your disposal technical advice as needed.


As manufacturers we can offer competitive prices with high quality. Also we have a economic range (Microcement) and a high-end line (Resistone), which will allow you to adapt to the needs of your customers.


We distribute all the materials needed for the implementation of the Microcement and Resistone.

Estimate Delivery Time: 5-6 workingdays for Central Europe

Take advantage of the business opportunity with us

The Microcement has had very strong growth in recent years, becoming a major market.
The improvements that we have introduced generate satisfied customers, customers that repeat and that recomend our product. Therefore we are convinced that improved coatings of Microcement, will be more and more demanded product and therefore with many opportunities for work and business.