We are dedicated exclusively to the manufacture and application of Beton Cire or Microcement. Resistone® is the evolution of Beton Cire with superior features.

Investment in Research and Development of materials, along with experience in application, allows us to offer the highest quality of the market inBeton Ciré..

Microciment Beton Cire Floor

The Beauty of Beton Cire

We offer craft materials, which with the appropriate technique allows creating insitu unique spaces, continuous, without joints, with subtle beta textures and gentle natural looking, marbling, also reminiscent of cement, highly appreciated by decorators and architects.

We have a color chart selected for their naturalness and elegance, and the possibility of develop custom colors for a personal and unique flooring and wall coating


Beton Cire Picture EnglishReliability and Endurance

The elasticity of the material and the application process achieve maximum reliability to prevent movements and fissures of the base on which the microcement is applied.

The system is waterproof and stain resistant.

All continuous pavements must be properly care for and protect, but our Resistone® system is the strongest in the market. We have improved the traditional Beton Cire achieving systems with the beauty of Beton Cire and more resistant. From the base, the middle layers and sealed, are studied to achieve chemical and mechanical resistance.

All this while respecting the environment with water-based products, without solvent and low in VOC.

Beton Cire Color Chart

Renew without clear out

Its thickness is only 2-3 mm, and can be applied on all kinds of materials, so no need to remove tiles and remove debris, or trim doors. Considering the savings in these costs, makes the price and speed of installation of microcement competitive with systems with less decorative value as stoneware, tiles, flooring, marble…

Smoothed microcement can be applied to floors, walls, furniture, stairs, showers and washbasins